Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We at NJD provide provide customized chocolates and packaging and tailor our deals for hotels, restaurants, café, corporates, occasion gifting and weddings to cater to your needs. All

information shared with us remains with us and is not shared with any third party.

Our privacy policy is in compliance with the UAE Data Law.

We at NJD process any personal data of those visiting our website in accordance with the Local Law. As a controller, we have put in place different levels of securities to provide total protection for all data submitted through this website.


Data Protection Representative

We have appointed a dedicated Data Protection Representative responsible for matters related to data protection and privacy of all our clients, respondents, and website visitors. This representative can be reached at


Data Collection

We at NJD collect data with the help of third party tools such as Google Analytics. We ensure that these tools do not retain or use the information in any way or store it for any purpose. All of the data related to our clients, visitors, and respondents resides with us only.


We collect data in one of the following ways:

  • Cookies
  • Lead form
  • Google Analytics
  • Newsletter subscription


We fully respect your privacy and your personal data protection rights. We have taken all steps

under the law to protect your data and maintain clarity about what data we collect and the

reasons for it. Your data is not shared with any third party. The only time we will use your data

is when the law allows us to.

Under GDPR, a set of personal data classes have been classified as sensitive. We do not

knowingly collect or use any such sensitive personal data.


Data Retention & Deletion

We retain all data to provide you with services and further information relevant to it. All data is

stored in our secure databases and are not deleted or modified until you request for it. When

you stop seeking our services, all your personal data will be automatically deleted from our database. We retain the data of respondents until the time it fulfils the purpose of collection or

requested by the respondent to be deleted.

If you intend to know about your data retained with us or you want to modify or delete your

data, you can reach out to our Data Protection Representative. You can have full right to

accessing and modifying your data retained with us, if any.

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