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Chocolate Advent Calendar by NJD


Your Gift Contains:
12 days chocolate Advent calendar by NJD

  1. 1 box Milk chocolate covered Oreos
  2. 1 box Dark chocolate covered Oreos
  3. 1 box Milk chocolate Truffles
  4. 1 box Dark chocolate Truffles
  5. 1 box Milk chocolate covered Pretzels
  6. 1 box Milk chocolate cake pops
  7. 1 box Dark chocolate cake pops
  8. 1 box Santa Belt style Rice Krispy
  9. 1 box of mixed candies
  10. 1 box hot chocolate bomb
  11. 1 box chocolate covered marshmallows
  12. 1 box fresh baked cookies

Box Size:
LxBxH: 20.5×6.5x27cm

Keep away from direct heat and sunlight
Best stored between 15-20 °C
Suitable for vegetarians
Chocolate contains nuts. Do not consume if allergic to soy, dairy, and nuts

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